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Main construction and configuration

★ MX-6000 Heavy high Accuracy CNC Vertical Grinder is a universal grinder with joint travel over 6 axes by using Siemens 828D/840Dsl control system. It can grind ID, OD, endface, and surfaces of various raceways in a single clamping with consistently high perfection.

★ Standard construction of the machine is equipped with two columns and two grinding wheelheads. And a high accuracy NC rotating unit mounted on the left so that the vertical grinding spindle can rotate over an arbitrary angle. Another wheelhead can be equipped with a vertical grinding spindle or a horizontal grinding spindle.

★ The vertically reciprocating grinding spindles are subject to hydraulic balancing by an imported hydraulic balancing device so as to improve the stability of the movement and prolong the service life of the machine components. Automatic locking is provided for the grinding wheelheads in either power-on or power-off condition so as to prevent the grinding wheel from dropping and/or the grinding wheelhead downward slip due to gravity after power off during the grinding process.

★ In order to enhance the rigidity of the machine, wheelheads installation construction is adopted three parallel big section highly vibration-resistant roller-shaped INA linear guide-ways. And each side of rail is arranged with 8 carriages.

★ The ball screws of in-feed and reciprocating are imported by Japan NSK/THK large diameter high precision ball screw.

★ Automatic NC rotating unit imported by German, it provided for this machine featuring non-lifting turntable for continuous rotation and hydraulic clamping system. The rotating movement is realized by means of Siemens servo motor and OTT worm drive. The positioning is controlled by Heidenhain scale. This rotating unit is characterized by automatic swiveling over ± 50 degree, automatic positioning and automatic clamping.

★ The vertically arranged grinding spindle can adopt the imported electric spindle with high precision, high power and high rigidity, and can be equipped with built-in automatic balancing and elimination devices. The horizontally arranged grinding spindle can adopt electric spindle with high precision and high power, or adopt mechanical spindle driven by poly-V belt.

★ Machine is adopted high-precision large-diameter heavy-duty constant pressure closed static pressure spindle structure. A total of 24 sector-shaped large-section static pressure support oil chambers were distributed on table base to bear axial loads. The installation surface is adopts the process of vertical grinding one-time molding processing. There are several advantages by utilize this structure such as large bearing capacity, stable, high rotation accuracy, easy adjustment and easy maintenance. The workpiece rotation is directly driven by a high-power, low-speed, high-torque water-cooled torque motor, and there is a high-precision circle encoder from HEIDENHAIN on the bottom to enhance the motion accuracy.

★ Close-loop control positioning by means of HEIDENHAIN scale is available for X1, Z1, X2, Z2 axes.

★ According to user requirements equipped with single point diamond dresser, single-point radius dresser, etc.

★ Permanent electro-magnetic chuck with multi-slots is provided with raised poles for mounting supports of workpiece. The holding force of the chuck may be regulated according to the size of the workpiece.  Additional pole reversing function and safety protection are provided against accident when the magnetic chuck is not magnetized are provided. With magnetizing or demagnetizing status display.

★ The machine can use a fully enclosed housing or a semi-enclosed housing.

★ Air conditioners may be equipped for the coolant tank, electric cabinet, oil tank and electric spindles according to the need of the user for controlling their temperature inside.

★ The machine adopts modular design so as to meet the technical requirements for different specifications.


Main Applications

It is suitable for grinding ID, OD, taper and endface of large wheels, gears etc. inner/outer raceways of extra-large bearing rings. All surfaces are ground in a single clamping so that the position accuracy of the work pieces such as the perpendicularity of ID to endface or the perpendicularity of raceway to the endface may be kept at a high accuracy. It is a new generation of grinding machine with high accuracy and high productivity suitable for mass and large batch production of wheels, gears and bearing races of the wind power generator.

Grinding Accuracy

Runout of ID/OD

≤  0.005mm

Cylindricity of ID/OD

≤  0.005/400mm

Flatness of endface

≤  0.005/200mm

Surface roughness of ID/OD

≤  Ra0.4um

Surface roughness of endface

≤  Ra0.4um

Main Specifications

Grinding diameter range

Ф3,600~6,000 mm

Max. grinding depth

600 mm

Max. swing diameter of worktable

Ф6,100 mm

Stroke of horizontal slides on cross beam (X1, X2 )

3,000 mm

Stroke of vertical slide (Z1, Z2)

800 mm

Swivel angle of rotating unit (B)

± 50 °

Resolution of Axis X1, Z1, X2, Z2

0.001 mm

Work spindle speed

1~10 r/min

Total power

190 kW

Floor space of the machine

14.2 * 10 m

Machine weight

190,000 kg