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一、Main Characteristics:

The layout of the machine is that the grinding wheel is fixed and the regulating wheel is movable.

The grinding wheelheads are designed in cantilever support and rolling bearing structure while the regulating wheelheads are designed in twin-grip and rolling bearing structure.

Linear rolling guideway are used for regulating wheel feeding guideway which is driven by servo motor through ball screw.

Diamond dressing roller is used for grinding wheel dresser. The rolling wheel is driven by servo motor.

The structure of servo motor driving ball screws is used for the grinding wheel dresser feed motions and reciprocation movements, both the feeding guideway and reciprocation guideway are straight-line rolling guideway.  

The  reciprocation speed of regulating wheel dresser can be steplessly varied with a speed-reduction motor equipped with frequency converter.

The movement of regulating wheelhead is driven by spindle motor.

The coolant tank includes a magnetic separator and paper filter.

The machine is equipped with Siemens servo system.

二、Main Application:

The machine is mainly used for through-feed grinding of cylindrical surface of ring and shaft-type parts, as well as for plunge-cut grinding of various stepped, conical and cylindrical surfaces in semi-automatic or full-automatic operation. It is suitable for small batch and mass production.

三、Main specifications:

Range of grinding workpiece                                   Φ5~Φ50 mm

Maximum grinding length with standard work rest

For through feed grinding                                        200mm

For infeed grinding                                                  190 mm

Grinding wheel specifications                                    600×200×305 mm

Regulating wheel specifications                                 350×200×203 mm

Grinding wheel speed                                              1100r/min

Regulating wheel speed                                            10~200r/min

Swiveling angel of regulating wheel          In vertical plane                       -2°~+4°

In horizontal plane                                                                               -1°~+2°

Feed amount per division of the feed handwheel                                      0.001 mm

Height of the centerlines of two wheels to the bottom of work-rest             200 mm

Height of centerlines of two wheels to the floor                                         1050 mm

Min. feed amount of grinding wheel dresser                                              0.001 mm

Flow of coolant liquid                                                 100 L/min

Grinding wheel motor                                                18.5KW

Regulating wheel motor                                             3.7 KW

Power of motors                                                       25 KW

Power supply                                                           3N-380V/50 Hz

Overall dimensions(LWH)                                            3300×2300×1650 mm

Net weight of the machine                                         5000 Kg

三、 磨削精度:

Grinding accuracy

Roundness                                               0.0005mm

Cylindricity                                               0.001mm

Surface roughness                                    Ra0.1µm